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We offer organic foods out of conviction!

All organic foods are not equal. Our concept is based on offering you real organic quality and service to assist you in attaining a healthy, balanced diet. With years of experience and expertise in nutrition. We are your partner which you can count on to offer quality organic foods with proven origins. We invite you to seek our advice on all the products we sell.

Treat yourself and your family to something special. Here you will find the best in food quality with the best properties for a healthy diet. With us you can trust and rely on our knowledgeable specialists who offer you insight to a large variety of foods of the best organic quality.

Our Team


Name: Tanja Berger

Sustainable agriculture has always fascinated me. I like helping people learn about healthy food and help them to attain a more vital life.


Name: Mark Forster

It is particularly important to me how the food is handled by the farmers and during transportation. Rest assured that our foods are handled with the upmost care.